is a great ecological storytelling about our planet Earth. It connects people and nature, earth and urban places. Each creation always combines responsible choice and design, fragility and strenght, tradition and modernity, health and comfort. Every season we dedicate a collection to one animal or plant that we choose. Terra Urbana seeks to bring to clothing the mission of architectural modernism: Good, smart design with a long life purpose.


No fashion line can be perfect, but Terra Urbana support people and businesses that are actively trying to be nice. Currently all Terra Urbana clothing are locally and ethically manufactured in Europe (EU) in facilities where we spend time to know that workers are treated well.


Sustainability and fashion are often thought to be at odds with one another. At Terra Urbana each collection begin by sourcing materials as mindfully as possible. This can mean certified organic fibers, organic cotton and silk, non-violent silk, hemp, bamboo, soy etc. We employ even innovative new fibers such as salmon leather which is manufactured in accordance with the principles of sustainability, ecological approach and 100% crome free tanned. Like any good product design, clothing production can be accomplished in a better, smarter and more socially and environmentally sustainable way.